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Get the chance to stock up on your favorite mix in two complementary formats. The amazing Maiko's kiss Elixir 150g is offered together with its 300g Eco-refill in order to make sure your immunity system is always covered!

IT'S GOOD FOR : Immunity system & Vitamin C

  • Increase the natural resistance to viral diseases
  • Loaded with Vitamin C
  • Rich in Vitamins and fibers
  • Anti-inflammatory (helps prevent flu and seasonal colds)
  • Helps with gastrointestinal issues
  • Helps fight infections
  • Natural anti free-radicals and anti-oxidant (anti-aging)


Blueberry powder, Rosehip powder, Goji berry powder, Maqui berry powder, Orange peel powder, Lemon peel powder


1 to 2 tsp dissolved in hot or cold water or to add a berry flavor to your favorite juice or smoothie. Great used as a seasoning for salads or healthy fruit meals. Try our delicious Blueberry Chèvre Cheesecake Popsicles to feel the summer vibes (yes, even in wintertime)!

Maiko’s Kiss Elixir can be used anytime, anywhere, as an Immunity System booster for the whole family.

TASTE LIKE:  Wild berries and citrus

FORMAT: Elixir 150g / Eco-refill 300 gr