Did you ever feel overwhelmed?

"Having a strong ambition, but no clear direction. Feeling that you’re running against time to satisfy others' expectations. Trying to be a perfect wife, a perfect mum, a perfect daughter. The smartest businesswoman. The kindest and most sensitive human being.

But realizing that something is missing. Yourself. Well, I did. We all did!

Evah is me, Evah is you. 

A woman that have learned to manage insecurities and emotions, channeling them towards their biggest desires. Women who are proud of their uniqueness and live life to the fullest, being conscious that every experience or mistake will bring them to find a new level of awareness. She travels to fill her soul with beauty and inspirations, enjoying every moment of it.

Evah is a healthy mind in a healthy body, maintains herself beautiful, healthy, and focused with a proper diet, full of nutrients and vitamins because she knows the journey towards solid well-being starting from the inside.

Mother Nature’s most effective anti-aging Superfoods like Açai, Turmeric, Acerola, Matcha, and a few others have been carefully combined in unique, tasty, and easy-to-use 100% organic powdered-formulas that can be consumed anytime and anywhere.

Powerful formulas enclosed in luxurious packaging that reminds the world of cosmetics, to make everyone remember that nutrition comes first when talking about health and beauty. And that’s just what we do, giving you an extra help to achieve your goals in a smoother and healthier way.

Our team of women-supporting-women knows exactly what you want and who you are. And you, my dear, are amazing!"

Angela Aldrighettoni
Founder & CEO