Hormones & Relief | Essentials combo

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How do you feel recently? We hope you're amazing! 

However, if you feel out of phase and you're:


  • Always tired
  • Suffering from PMS or irregular cycle
  • Anxious
  • Noticing more skin blemishes than usual

    that may be your hormone's fault.

    If you're NOT have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism (for which medical care is required), then you may try some of the ancient natural remedies to balance your hormones and relieve inflammations.

    Essential Maca & Lucuma IS GOOD FOR:


    • Boosting energy and mood
    • Improving brain function and memory
    • Hormone balancing
    • Helping reduce anxiety
    • Supporting libido (men and women)

        Essential Turmeric & Cinnamon IS GOOD FOR:


        • Improving skin blemishes (of inflammatory origin)
        • Helping relieve PMS symptoms
        • Improving digestion and sleep
        • Germ-reduced ingredients (higher nutrition properties and safer for your stomach)
        • Helping delay age-related chronic disease


        Morning _ 1 tsp of Essential Maca & Lucuma during the morning dissolved in your favorite hot or cold drink, porridge, smoothie, barley coffee, yogurt, or spread over any breakfast bowl.

        Evening _ 1 tsp of Essential Turmeric & Cinnamon anytime after 7 pm dissolved in your favorite infusion, latte (golden milk), juice, or added to the preparation of a healthy dinner. Amazing if added to cooked vegetables and soups!

        FORMAT : 50g (each)