May 27, 2021

7 TIPS TO SURVIVE YOUR 20’s (and enjoy your 30’s amazingly)

7 TIPS TO SURVIVE YOUR 20’s (and enjoy your 30’s amazingly)

Whether you recently entered in your 20’s or you already had the infamous 29th birthday, you feel like 30 is an important turning point.

You have certainly read lots of articles talking about the differences between Millennials and Generation Z, and you think most of them are peddling stereotypes.

The only thing you are sure about is that you are living what you think is the best time of your life. And it is… partially.

What’s sure is that the two mentioned generations have in common a more open vision on daily topics like job, family and lifestyle.

They have an individualistic mentality but, when compared to their parents, they are more likely to accept (and fight for) social differences, as well as being more flexible and less frustrated when it comes to make a choice, being aware that nothing is permanent.

In a world of million different options, in fact, decisions are a daily occurrence when you are hardly trying to make your dreams come true and this is a significant starting point to make you feel like you hold your own life.

Despite this, you know every move will bring you to a next level, whether you like it or not, so you have no choice but fight for the battles you care about, becoming conscious of your limits and learning how to overcome them, day by day.

We know how you feel, sometimes it’s stressful.

You don’t allow yourself to lose time and you are full of expectations. From one side you firmly believe you can become whoever you like, from the other you know that it sounds easier that it looks and you don’t know where to start.

You know what? Don’t overthink, just do.

Bearing in mind a few, simple tips:


This should be an ageless advice but we find it fundamental, especially when you are young. Being rational is always a good option but getting in touch with your deepest sensations will prevent you from regrets and help you find what’s really meant for you, avoiding opportunistic choices that could be hard to handle in the long run.


“Rome wasn’t built in a day”, somebody said. Be aware that everything really comes for a reason, in the right time. Believe in your own abilities and enjoy the present while building the future, one step at a time.


Whether is travelling all along the USA with a backpack or learning how to speak Japanese, the keyword is: try. You can’t know what you like if you don’t know what you’re not, first. Stop asking yourself what is the best thing, just do them all.

Of course, as long as it’s safe!


Don’t get caught up in other’s expectations and don’t be scared to show who you really are, with awareness and kindness. Everybody is unique, so allow yourself to make mistakes and learn how to apologize if you accidentally hurt someone. Learning how to deal with people will help you build a strong personality quickly and will prepare yourself to face life issues easily.


Give a meaning to the word “friendship” selecting a few trusted people to be part of your private circle and give all the others the time they deserve. Relations of any kind should base on the balanced equation 50% GIVE = 50% RECEIVE.

If someone don’t get it, well… you know what to do.

Your goal is to build strong relationships that can evolve and walk with you along the life path.


Everybody is cut out for something specific. Someone’s creative, some other is more calculating. Someone has the gift of speech while some other is more right for handwork. Find and work on your unique features will help you have clearer ideas on what is right for you, and choose wisely your next moves.


The worst sensation ever is to find ourself stuck in a situation that doesn’t fit with us. Sometimes we have to make the best of a bad situation but most of the time we simply walk into our own trap. Remember that you ALWAYS have an alternative so, even if it means to get out from your comfort zone, be positive and fight for what you need. The prize is your happiness, let’s worth it!



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