July 19, 2021




In the last few years, the industry of healthy foods has experienced a big turning point, quickly becoming one of the most influential business worldwide.

Increasingly more people, especially new generations, started caring a lot about this subject, learning that a correct diet and a healthy lifestyle can really have a STRONG IMPACT on aesthetics and that it can even help prevent serious diseases.

Consequently, the food industry started the race to the newest ingredient or supplement which can offer the most complete mix of nutritional elements, thus promoting what we now call “Superfoods”.

The definition of “Superfoods” became a collective name for edible plants and fruits that are rich in essential nutrients such as proteins, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty and amino acids.

Some of them are pretty rare to find as they are grown in remote corners of the planet, so in order to make the distribution easier, the best option was to process them through dehydration and pulverization.

More and more visionary Chefs around the world love dehydrated powder because it imparts amazing, natural-rich flavor, and it doesn’t weigh dishes down with extra moisture. You can achieve amazing culinary results with fruit powder that you simply can’t with fresh fruit.

Let’s see why they are so enthusiastic about it:

 1. Available all year and consistent in quality

    Who says you can’t enjoy sweet papayas in the dead of winter? With freeze dried powders, even sunny, tropical fruits are always in season and ready to use by the spoonful for whatever fresh flavor you’re craving, anytime of year. The nutritional properties are fully maintained after the drying process.

    2. Ease of conservation, less spoilage waste

      If you consider that a full tablespoon of Mango powder has the same nutritional elements and vitamins of a whole Mango fruit, well… make your counts!

      3. Increased shelf life

        The shelf life of a dried powder is around 1-2 years, compared to an average of 5 days for a fresh fruit or vegetable.

        4. Dried products take up less space (and weight) in both storage and transport

          This is one of the most important reasons why the powders are considered the food of the future. By reducing the amount of product space, the trasporters could move a bigger quantity of product with fewer trips. This will help reduce transportation costs, CO2 release and aerial traffic.

          5. Energy saving (no need for cooling)

            Smaller fridge = lower electricity bill.

            Moreover, this permits you to use the powders in different places than the kitchen or you can bring it with you during your travels with no worry.

            6. Full of nutrients

            Freeze dried powders are a concentrate of flavor, as well as valuable vitamins and minerals. Fruit or vegetable powders that don’t have any added sugar or preservatives can give you all the natural goodness from nature without unnecessary additives.

            7. Natural Food Coloring

              Have you ever read the ingredients on artificial coloring? It may make your iced cookies or cakes look vibrant and eye-catching, but artificial food coloring is anything but natural. With dried powder you can decorate your salads, sweets, and more with bright, beautiful colors the natural way.

              8. Natural Flavoring

                Especially dried fruit powder can be added for a tang of sweetness without the need for artificial sweeteners. Substitute it in low-calorie, low-fat recipes calling for artificial sweeteners, for a healthier alternative that tastes naturally delicious.

                9. Time-saving

                In either case, prepping the fruit can be time consuming: not only do you have to wash, peel, and in some cases, de-seed fruit but, in order to dehydrate, you need to cut it up into small pieces. In conclusion: freeze dried fruit can end up saving you time and money.


                Can’t wait to find your own favorite powder? All the blends of EVAH have no preservative or sweetener, just a few pure and organic high-quality ingredients. Check out our store !

                You can:

                • Add it to your breakfast smoothies
                • Add to milk for a fruity kid-approved treat
                • Sprinkle on your yogurt
                • Use with hot cereal
                • Fold into granola
                • Use in frosting for natural coloring
                • Roll raw truffles in fruit powder
                • Use in fruit sauces and compotes
                • Add to baked treats
                • Fold into muffins and breads


                If you’ve found this article useful and you have already tried our products don’t forget to leave us a comment and post your best recipe with the tag #myevahskitchen. We are looking forward to see all of your healthy creations!



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