May 27, 2021



Summer is coming and so is our desire to enjoy the sweet taste of freshly picked berries. Spending one day at the countryside, having fun with our families while collecting the little wild fruits into wicker baskets.

The blueberries in two different consistency (fresh and powdered), together with Açai and lime juice, gives to this super-easy recipe a strong, flavored taste of wild.

This amazing recipe is the perfect alcohol-free drink you can enjoy as a refreshing break during your day or serve it as a healthy aperitivo to your friends.

EVAH'S TIP:  the bartender shaker is a MUST in order to obtain a smooth creamy top. If you don't have one at home, you can use an empty jam jar. Half fill it and close it (strongly) before shaking.

INGREDIENTS (for up to 2 drinks)

  • 1 cup fresh Blueberries
  • 1/2 cup Blackberry (or Raspberry) juice
  • 1 tsp EVAH | Essentials Blueberry & Açai
  • ½ cup fresh Mint leaves
  • 2 tbsp fresh Lime juice (about one lime)
  • 1 tbsp Honey
  •  Ice

For garnish: 1 Blackberry, some mint leaves and/or a pinch of EVAH | Essentials Blueberry & Açai (optional)

Preparation Time: 5 min

Step 1 _ ONLY STEP

    Place blueberries, juice, powder, mint, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker and muddle. Add ice and honey. Shake vigorously to blend for at least 15 seconds.
    Strain into a mason jar or old-fashioned glass and garnish with a fresh blackberry (or raspberry) and some mint leaves.


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